Risk Management


Risk Management

A Risk Management Program designed based on the individual practice of each policyholder can help reduce patient damages, improve the quality of the medical care provided, improve patient satisfaction, and protect our policyholders against exposure to professional liability.

Through our services, we strive to raise awareness among policyholders about potential security and risk issues, help identify the elements that should be prioritized, and work with them to achieve measurable improvement.

Risk Exposure Assessment

This tool helps identify risk areas to be improved, which are then communicated to the policyholder through a series of recommendations.

Documentation Review

Assistance is offered in the review of documents from the doctor's office leading to improving documentation and reducing risks associated with it. Includes review of contracts, standards, protocols, informed consent, HIPAA forms, among others. 


We have Risk Management personnel available to answer phone calls from our policyholders regarding areas of potential claim risk in order to avoid or reduce risk or exposure.


Talks are coordinated with corporate groups on topics related to the different medical practices or services with the purpose of reducing the risks of claims and other topics of interest related to Health.