Defense Team

Team Defense (Claims)

O ur Defense Team is committed to defending the claims of our policyholders, representing them side by side throughout the litigation process.
We have an exclusive Defense Team formed by the best law firms with extensive experience in the medical malpractice field, who, along with our internal legal department, help us guarantee the best representation for our policyholders.


“PRMDIC has a Defense Department with an excellent and talented support team to help both the health professional who receives the claim as well as the attorney assigned to their defense. This helps ensure a successful and coordinated claim defense while prioritizing the policyholder's best interests.”

José Héctor Vivas, Esq.
“When a doctor receives a summons with a copy of a complaint, this causes a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Many questions arise as to how long the process will take, whether they will be found guilty of what is alleged in the claim, or what more they could have done for the patient after they did everything in their power to help. The mission of the attorneys at Puerto Rico Medical Defense Insurance Company is to provide health professionals not only with the best legal representation, but also with all the information needed for them to feel confident and secure that the legal proceedings will be fair and swift. That is our commitment.”
René M. Bermúdez Vélez, Esq.