Financial Strength


At Puerto Rico Medical Defense, we are aware of the importance of the rating and standing of the company insuring you and your practice. We work hard with our team of experts in medical malpractice coverage, and we guarantee our clients an excellent policy that gives them the confidence to keep working without any additional concerns.

We have strong financial support from world-class reinsurers, with more than $60 billion in surplus and capital. Additionally, we are the only medical malpractice insurance company in the island, accredited by Demotechwith an A, Exceptional ratingDemotech is a renowned financial analysis company with headquarters in the United States and recognized worldwide for its client portfolio. Its primary objective is to predict and rate the financial situation in the Insurance Industry by evaluating companies from a financial standpoint and assessing their solvency through quantitative analysis. 

The company is globally acclaimed for its financial assessment model, as the first company to have an evaluation process approved and accepted by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD. We are the only medical malpractice insurance company in PR that has been accredited by Demotech with an "A, Exceptional" rating.