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PRMD’s Tail Coverage

When it is no longer going to be insured, the endorsement is known as “tail” because it provides coverage at the end of an insurance policy (even if it is not going to be renewed anymore).

Our Tail Coverage is another protection tool at different points in the professional career, such as:

  • Retirement due to Age
  • Disability Retirement
  • Death
  • Continue studies aimed at your specialty
  • Moving from Puerto Rico

In exchange for a premium, PRMD Tail Coverage offers coverage in the future for claims for medical incidents that occurred while the policy was in effect.

Under the Tail Coverage, PRMD offers the Retirement Peace, free of cost when the client has reached the age of 65, and has been insured for a further 10 continuous years with PRMD, without conviction and / or payment claims.

When changing to PRMD and complying with established requirements, the new policy with PRMD is endorsed free of charge to cover from the same date as the current policy with another insurer. This endorsement also known as “Prior Acts” is a “Nose”.

This “Nose” guarantees coverage in PRMD for claims for medical incidents occurring under the former insurer but now covered and defendable by PRMD. We will keep you covered even if the alleged incident occurred while under another insurer.

Our retroactive endorsement policy is free of charge (meeting the requirements established in the policy).

  •      Competitive Fixed Rates
  •      $0 Deductible by Location or Demand
  •      $0 Surcharges
  •      $0 Legal Defense Pay
  •      Honor Previous Retroactive Policy without charge for Tail Coverage

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