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Our Defense Team

We have a large Defense Team composed of the best lawyers with experience in the field of medical malpractice. The Defense Team is responsible of educating our insureds, investigating and analyzing all claims that are received. Our lawyers represent the insured in every step of the lawsuits, hand in hand through the process of litigation.

We are proud to provide our policyholders an excellent legal defense that is covered by the medical malpractice policy.

Defense Team

In-house counsel:
  • Lcda. Noelia Emmanuelli Ramos –Assistant Vice President
  • Lcda. Karla A. Alonso- Legal Counsel & Medical Records Supervisor
  • Lcda. Solinez Santos – Legal Counsel
External Law Firms:
  • Bufete González Villamil
  • Dieppa, González Law Offices, P.S.C
  • Igor J. Domínguez Law Offices
  • López & Navares, L.L.P
  • Montijo & Montijo Law Office
  • Quiñones Tridas Law Offices, P.S.C
  • René Bermúdez Vélez, Esq.
  • Rivera Mercado & Rivera Cordero Law offices
  • Roberto Ruiz Comas, Esq.
  • Vivas & Vivas Law Offices
  • Delgado Cadilla & Delgado Brayfield

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